Dominick Dunne

Dominick Dunne

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No one knows the dark side of the rich and famous better than Dominick Dunne. The consummate insider and relentless crusader, Dunne chronicles the arrogance that leads the rich to believe they are above the law. A best-selling author and celebrated columnist for Vanity Fair, Dunne will rivet you with his selection of notorious cases that uncover the lowest depths of high society.


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Apr 1st

Death of a Salesman

Rick Chance is one of the richest men in Phoenix … and also one of the strangest. After deciding to sell his unglamorous but enormously profitable auto glass empire, he opens a disastrously unsuccessful jewelry boutique. It’s the first of many puzzling decisions – which includes carrying the entire boutique’s inventory in a briefcase with him at all times. But when chance ends up dead and his briefcase goes missing, suddenly Phoenix’s full of suspects and Phoenix Police need to sort through the private life of the most eccentric man in town to crack the case.
Apr 2nd

Mystery in Monaco

Was it an accident? Or was it Murder? They mystery begins when billionaire Edmond Safra dies in a fire in a luxurious Monaco hotel. Investigators think the fire was intentionally set, but who would want to kill the charitable and giving financier? An exhaustive lock into the eccentric mogul’s life eventually leads to a surprising suspect…and a bizarre plot that’s much stranger than fiction.
Apr 3rd

Heart of Stone

To outside observers, Irwin Margolies is the genius behind an explosively successful diamond dealership, but things aren’t always as they seem. When a number of unsettling links connect Margolies to the murder of an underworld accountant named Margaret Barbera, investigators begin to take a hard look at this supposedly All-American success story. What they discover will lead to the fall of a bizarre scam enormous in both scope and audacity, and the incarceration of a devious criminal who would do anything to protect a multimillion dollar secret.
Apr 6th

Billionaire on the Run

Robert Durst is the stunningly wealthy heir to a vast real New York real-estate fortune. What could he possibly have to do with the murder of Morris Black, an elderly Galveston man of modest means? To fin out, police will have to untangle a bizarre web of lies, deceit and transvestitism, and track down a fugitive with the means to go anywhere and the propensity to become anyone.
Apr 7th

Burning Obsession

When David Coffin Jr. the heir to a multimillion dollar pharmaceutical fortune, is killed in a house fire, it seems like a tragic accident. It will take a ten year investigation for investigators to uncover the real truth – a tale of love, obsession and murder so sordid and outrageous that its discovery would ultimately lead to the downfall of a promising gubernatorial candidate.
Apr 8th

Deadly Parlay

Doris Angleton is the perfect wealthy, suburban wife, but when the Dallas socialite turns up dead, police begin unraveling a web of lies, deceit and murder that will uncover the shocking truth behind her husband’s ill-gotten wealth – and investigators begin to discover that when a city’s biggest bookmaker is married to the victim, everyone looks like a suspect.
Apr 9th

Sinister Harvest

The Yocums are rural royalty, whose family name is synonymous with success and hard work amongst the aristocrats of California’s Farm Industry. But when Ray Yocum, the family’s patriarch is found murdered with his wife Gayle, it’s clear that someone in the Yocum’s quiet and humble farm community is hiding a lethal secret. Will police be able to find the wolf in sheep’s clothing? Or will the murdered escape detection, hiding in plain site?
Apr 10th

Programmed for Murder

Among California’s wealthy technocrat, Hans Reiser is one of the most prominent and most brilliant. But when Reiser’s ex-wife, Nina disappears, investigators begin are forced to wonder – did Hans use his beautiful mind to plot the perfect crime? Without a body, investigators must play a cat and mouse game with a devious genius who always seems one step ahead of them.
Apr 12th

Over the Edge

On a May evening in 1998, the seemingly idyllic marriage of a wealthy Lake Tahoe couple, Peter and Rinette Bergna, ended in a tangled crush of metal when their truck crashed through a guardrail and plunged down a mountainside. Peter miraculously escaped serious injury, but Rinette was found crushed to death. While Peter called it a tragic accident, investigators called it a brutal, premeditated crime and spent two and a half years building their case against Bergna, whom they believed was a cunning, cold-blooded killer.
Apr 12th

Family Plot

In 1992, Kristi Koslow was living the high life: a pretty high school senior with a tennis-star boyfriend living in a tony suburb of Fort Worth, TX. But when her wealthy father Jack married Dallas socialite Caren Courtney, Kristi’s strained relationship with her dad went from bad to worse. Then one evening, two men entered the Koslow’s home and attacked the couple. Caren was killed during the attack, but Jack managed to survive and call 911. Suspicion immediately pointed to Jack, but police got a break when a tip led them to the most unlikely suspect: Kristi Koslow. Kristi had offered her boyfriend, Brian Salter, and friend Jeffrey Dillingham, $1 million apiece to murder her father and stepmother. Kristi handed them a floor plan and the alarm code, sat back and waited to collect on her $12 million inheritance. All three were tried and convicted. Koslow and Salter are both serving life sentences. Dillingham was executed in 2000.