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Feb 28th

The Road To Hell

52 year old Ray Patterson is a tow truck driver in Dyersburg, TN. When he sets out to aid a motorist in need, he runs into Steven Ray Thacker - a cold-blooded killer on the run whoÕs prepared to do anything to continue to elude police.
Mar 1st

Road Kill

Retired Naval Commander, Danny Palm, takes action when a local drug-addict menaces the community with his El Camino. The violence that follows shatters the peaceful neighborhood forever.
Mar 1st

Trained to Kill

Gene Yazgur loves rock climbing, but life hasnÕt always been so fun. Years earlier, Gene got into a road rage incident with medical student Daniel Mason. When the two men reunite in court tempers flare leading one of them to reach his breaking point.
Mar 1st

Lethal Injustice

Jeff Conroy is a student athlete, Marcelo Lucero a hard-working immigrant. Living just miles apart, they've never met...until Conroy and pals go looking for Hispanics to beat up. Down by the train station, the sport of "beaner hopping" turns deadly.
Mar 2nd

Fatal Fantasy

For years Robert Schwartz has been at odds with his 19-year-old daughter Clara Jane. When she meets a young man who shares her taste for the occult, they start talking about how Clara can get her father out of her life, for good.
Mar 3rd

Murder Around the Campfire

When 33 year-old Sean Farmer and his friend Scott plan a fishing trip into the woods of southwest Virginia, they could never dream that, in less than 2 days, they will face a violent and bloody struggle for their lives.
Mar 4th

Not a Routine Call

A veteran cop is dispatched to pick up a paranoid schizophrenic and bring him to the hospital for a routine mental evaluation. Little does the cop know, the man has already shot and killed three people. A violent showdown ensues.
Mar 5th

American Nightmare

Bangladeshi immigrant Rais Bhuiyan works at a Dallas gas station and hopes to make it in America. Fate intrudes when the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks lead a local ex-con to concoct a violent revenge plot targeted at Rais.
Mar 6th

Art Imitates Death

20 year-old Shelley Nance is a talented artist. When falls for a fellow art student, she has no idea that their innocent relationship will trigger a jealous rage that will lead to a brutal killing.
Mar 9th

Death Undercover

23-year-old Sean Bell is set to marry his high school sweetheart and the mother of his two small children. But while celebrating his bachelor party at a local strip club, things take a turn for the worst and not everyone will make it out alive.