Upcoming episodes

Feb 28th

All-American Sex Slaves

Detective Deborah Scates is stunned when she interviews a young prostitute in Connecticut, and realizes there is a violent sex slavery ring in this wealthy state. The FBI will bring down this insidious business that is ruining the lives of teenage girls.
Feb 29th

An Unholy Season

Christine Aragao can't believe what's happening when she and her two young children are abducted from their Miami parking garage just days before Christmas.
Feb 29th

Trap, Kill, Repeat

Women are turning up dead in the Windy City, brutally raped, killed and burned. But in a city this size, it will take time before the FBI realizes they have a monstrous serial killer on their handsÉ who is operating right under everyoneÕs noses.
Feb 29th

Dead Quiet

In a university for the deaf, students feel safe until a violent murder happens right on campus. Authorities believe they have the killerÉ until theyÕre proven wrong. Will the FBI find the murderer before he strikes a third time?
Feb 29th

The Woman with the Neck Tattoo

A young mother is fooled into handing her baby to a stranger, and watches in horror as they disappear. Why has the woman taken her child, and can the FBI find her before itÕs too late?
Feb 29th

Dark Side of the Law

When Joanne Albanese disappears after a night with her handsome, mysterious boyfriend, the FBI must unravel a web of lies and fake identities. To their shock, their suspect turns out to be a former state trooper who has turned against all that is good.
Mar 2nd

Maternal Instinct

When Bobbi Jo Stinnett is found slaughtered in her home, her unborn baby ripped from her womb, the FBI goes on a frantic search to find the premature infant before sheÕs lost forever.
Mar 3rd


Michelle Renee, a bank manager, is held hostage and forced to rob her bank in order to save her daughterÕs life. But when the robbers accuse Michelle of being in on the plot, the FBI must decide whether sheÕs a victim or an accomplice.
Mar 4th

The I-10 Predator

The FBI races to save 11 year old Leah Henry from a sexual sadist who kidnaps & tortures young girls on Interstate 10. The sadistÕs level of violence increases with each victim. The FBI knows thereÕs not a moment to waste if they hope to find Leah alive.
Mar 5th

Sex, Murder, & Videotape

When a dozen young women turn up dead across St. Louis, police & the FBI work to piece together the identity of a sadistic serial killer. He plays a ruthless game of cat and mouse, taunting investigators, until his final kill which haunt many to this day.