Upcoming episodes

Feb 1st

Lethal Contact

In January of 1987, a young socialite is gunned down in her suburban Atlanta home. When authorities can't come up with any hard evidence linking anyone to the crime the case goes cold. Eleven years later, an unsuspected twist changes everything.
Feb 1st


Fear grips a small community when a young girl vanishes on her way to school. Local police form a task force with the FBI and together they uncover a nest of sexual predators. The investigation stalls until a brutal crime leads them to the gruesome truth.
Feb 1st

Monsters Among Us

When a brutal mass murder shakes a rural town, the local sheriff's department and the FBI join forces. Then the only two witnesses vanish, and a race against time uncovers a diabolical plot that astonishes even the most hardened investigators.
Feb 1st

Trail of Terror

Terror strikes God's country when three female hikers go missing. Fear escalates as a town's history of abduction, murder and drugs are exposed. Will the FBI and local law enforcement unravel a tangled web of false leads before tragedy strikes again?
Feb 1st

The Hunted

Two teens make an unsettling discovery: someone has been stockpiling weapons in hidden caches throughout the countryside. It isn't long before an FBI agent connects the strange arsenal to a series of crimes that have baffled the bureau for over 20 years.
Feb 3rd

I've Been Watching You

When police in Bloomington, IL start to connect a series of late night assaults they become perplexed by the assailant's high degree of criminal savvy. Along with the perpetrator's true identity comes a revelation that shakes investigators to the core.
Feb 4th

Stolen Innocence

Eight-year-old Sandra Cantu is playing outside her mobile home in Tracy, California when she vanishes into thin air. FBI and local authorities race to find her and discover her abductor lives dangerously close to home.
Feb 5th

Deadly Seven

Seven convicted felons escape from a Texas prison in broad daylight, then wreak havoc on the Longhorn State. After killing a police officer, they disappearÉ giving the FBI a run for their money.
Feb 6th

Cold Streets

In Anchorage, Alaska, a nurse practitioner disappears without a trace. The FBI and local law enforcement soon learn that her suspected killer has murdered beforeÉ and gotten away with it.
Feb 7th

The Butcher

Danny Ray Horning robs a bank, and is linked to a gruesome murder that took place months before. But he manages to escape from prison, and leads the FBI on a chase through the Grand Canyon.