Forensics: You Decide

Forensics: You Decide

About the show

Criminal experts present critical clues and forensic evidence from a complex criminal case. Is the suspect guilty? You decide.


Upcoming episodes

Oct 6th

Up in Flames

A fiery inferno leaves a young woman dead and the police looking for answers. Why was her married lover the first on the scene at such an odd hour? Watch as forensic experts use the same evidence to come to vastly different conclusions and determine whether AmandaÕs death was the result of an accident, or arson.
Oct 6th

Thou Shall Not Kill

When the wife of a small town ministers overdoses and drowns two teams of experts must determine whether this is a case of tragic suicide or has a man of God become a cold -blooded killer?
Oct 6th

Caught on Tape

On a rainy night in October, a seventh floor apartment in downtown Baltimore erupted into flames. Inside firefighters find makeup artist Marcus Rogers badly beaten clinging to life. When, investigators check the surveillance tapes they think theyÕve got their man, but are their eyes lying? You decide.
Oct 6th

Natures Evidence

Two children vanish without a trace. Months later, their bodies are discovered near a local cemetery. Police suspect the stepfather is behind the crime but the defense says heÕs wrongly accused. Watch as forensic experts battle over the evidence.