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Sep 16th

Monster of Worcester

Fred Dinenage examines this shocking case, in which a motherÕs boyfriend brutally murdered her three children, before displaying their dead bodies on the railings outside their house.
Sep 22nd

John Haigh Ð The Acid Bath Murderer

Fred investigates the infamous acid bath murderer John George Haigh who killed at least six people and disposed of their bodies in sulphuric acid during the 1940s. As Fred tells the story of this calculating fraudster he undertakes an experiment with Professor David Wilson where they test the effects of sulphuric acid on a chicken bone. In addition Fred meets a former copyboy for the local paper who recalls the media hype of the time and what the Ôvampire killerÕ was like in the flesh.
Sep 23rd

Graham Young Ð The Teacup Poisoner

Fred uncovers the shocking murders committed by serial poisoner Graham Young. At the age of 15 he was sent to Broadmoor having murdered his step mother and poisoned other members of his family. When released he then went on to kill at least two more people and poison countless others. Fred meets and inmate who came face to face with Young at Parkhurst. He also speaks to a work colleague who witnessed the deaths of his colleagues at the hands of Young.
Sep 29th

George Joseph Smith Ð Brides in the Bath

Fred re-examines the murders committed in the early 20th Century by George Joseph Smith. The serial bigamist drowned three of his eight wives in a bath so he could profit from their insurance policies. Fred works with Professor David Wilson to understand how Smith managed to kill three of his wives and get away with it for so long. They undertake an experiment that shows how the ÔFather of CSIÕ Sir Bernard Spillsbury finally worked out how he managed to murder without leaving a trace!
Sep 30th

Donald Neilson Ð The Black Panther

Fred takes a fresh look at the ten year rampage of Donald Neilson known as the Black Panther. His crimes included armed robbery, murder and kidnap in the 1970s. To find out the facts of the story Fred interviewed the police officer who eventually captured Neilson, Stuart Mackenzie. Alongside this Fred takes part in an experiment set up by Professor David Wilson. It shows how difficult it is to follow clues left by someone replicating the situation presented by Neilson to his victimÕs family when asking for a ransom to be left in a specific place.
Oct 6th

John Christie Ð 10 Rillington Place

Fred re-examines what really happened in the original House of HorrorsÉ 10 Rillington Place. He tells the story of John Christie who killed up to eight people and investigates how neighbour Timothy Evans was hanged for two of those crimes. Fred interviews 90 year-old Len Trevellion who was a policeman at the time and spoke to Christie on a number of occasions. He tells Fred, for the first time on television, that Christie and his wife Ethel were running a back street abortion clinic.
Oct 7th

Harold Jones Ð The Welsh Child Killer

Fred re-opens the murder casebook on Harold Jones who killed two children when he was only a 15 year old boy himself. He visits the Welsh town of Abertillery Ð the scene of the brutal murders in the 1920s. He interviews a relative of one of the victims and learns more about how this small mining town was in disbelief that such heinous crimes could take place. They couldnÕt believe that the perpetrator was this seemingly upstanding young lad and Professor David Wilson creates a fascinating experiment to show Fred how easily you can be deceived by your own prejudices. Fred also meets the author and historian Neil Milkins who has been developing a theory that Harold Jones actually became the famous serial killer Jack the Stripper when he was released from prison.
Oct 13th

Derek Bentley Ð Let Him Have It!

Fred discovers the truth behind one of the most controversial miscarriages of justice in the 20th Century in Britain. Derek Bentley was hanged for the murder of PC Sidney Miles even though he didnÕt pull the trigger of the gun that shot him. It was actually 16 year old Christopher Craig who fired the weapon and Derek was actually under arrest at the time. Fred talks to DerekÕs niece Maria Bentley-Dingwall who tells him of his familyÕs fight for justice and the impact it had on them. Fred also meets linguistics expert John Olson who shows Fred how the statements Bentley gave to the police were inaccurate and should never have been used in the original trial that led to his execution.
Oct 14th

Ruth Ellis Ð Last Woman Hanged

Fred re-traces the tragic story of Ruth Ellis who shot her lover, David Blakely, outside of a pub in Hampstead, London in 1955. She was the last woman to be hanged in the UK and many say her death helped bring and end to capital punishment. Fred meets the author and screenwriter Laurence Marks who had interviewed many of the people involved in the case. He points the finger at the involvement of RuthÕs alternate lover Desmond Cussen as having a significant part to play in the murder. Professor David Wilson takes Fred to a shooting range to fire a gun for the first time Ð so he can feel the emotions and adrenaline associated with firing a loaded weapon.
Oct 20th

The Krays

Legendary TV presenter Fred Dinenage is the official biographer to the most renowned gangsters in British historyÉ the Kray Twins. In this extraordinary documentary Fred, for the first time, reveals the truth about his time with the Twins and their famously brutal lives. The documentary is a journey for Fred as he re-examines his time with the Twins. He meets key characters from their lives including ÔMadÕ Frankie Fraser and the godfather of British crime Freddie Foreman. He puts their story into context giving vivid accounts of the time from the extreme poverty of the East End to the brutal conditions of Broadmoor.