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Feb 2nd

Mary Bell: The Child Killer

11 year-old Bell is the youngest female killer in the UK. Exploring a disturbing curiosity about death she strangled 4 year-old Martin Brown and 3 year-old Brian Howe with the help of her friend. Mary served 12 years in prison before being released and granted anonymity for life in 1984.
Feb 3rd

Peter Manuel

Fred Dinenage examines the horrific murders performed by Scottish serial killer Peter Manuel. Manuel was hanged at the age of 31, convicted of 7 murders but suspected of many more. He was a cold ruthless killer with no motive and an in controllable rage... who just wanted to be the centre of attention.
Feb 9th

Raymond Morris: Cannock Chase Murderer?

A paedophile and murderer convicted of killing and sexually assaulting three young girls before dumping their bodies on Cannock Chase. It took a huge police effort and 15 months before Morris was finally convicted of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. Morris, who lived opposite the Walsall police station, is still contesting his conviction today.
Feb 10th

Gordon Cummins: Blackout Ripper

Cummins was an RAF pilot of noble birth who went on a rampage killing four women during the Second World War in just six days. Described as Ôa savage sexual maniacÕ it is thought that the women he targeted had questionable morals and that Cummins was on a mission to clear LondonÕs streets. He was hanged on the 25th June 1942 at Wandsworth prison.
Feb 16th

The Richardson Gang

A 1960s group of criminals in South London, England. Less well remembered than their rivals the Krays, they nevertheless had a reputation at their peak as being some of London's most infamous and sadistic gangsters. Also known as the 'Torture Gang', their "speciality" was pinning victims to the floor with 6 inch nails and removing the victims' toes with bolt cutters.
Feb 17th

The A6 murderer

Fred Dinenage investigates the story of the alleged ÔA6 MurdererÕ James Hanratty, and hears the arguments for and against his conviction for murder and rape in an A6 layby.