The Investigators

The Investigators

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This documentary series unravels the complex nature of justice - how it is denied and how it is achieved. Created by a team of award-winning producers, each show presents a compelling true story about America and law enforcement.


Upcoming episodes

Sep 17th

Lethal Beauty

A couple celebrating their wedding anniversary go for a stroll on the beach after dinner. Out of nowhere, a masked robber jumps them, steals their valuables then shoots and kills the husband. Police launch an intensive manhunt for the killer but come up empty. But the story begins to take a huge turn when friends of the husband bring the grieving wife’s behavior in the weeks before the crime into the open
Sep 18th

Soundtrack for Murder

On a quiet Florida beach a woman is shot to death and her husband clings to life having taken three shots to his chest and one to his hand. Detectives carefully investigate the heinous crime and name a suspect that shocks family and friends.
Sep 19th

Erie Massacre, The

A mafia-style hit takes the lives of four family members in Florida. Investigators methodically comb through a long list of suspects in an effort to trace the real triggerman. Forensic evidence is found in an unlikely location after years of investigation. Nine years after the infamous murders, a jury convicts a man on four-counts of first degree murder.
Sep 20th

Empty Grave, An

A father receives a late night phone call from a mysterious woman claiming his grown son, Scott Dunn, is missing. Members from a private international crime-fighting organization find enough evidence to prove Scott is dead and spend the next four years building a circumstantial case against the killers.
Sep 24th

Toy Soldier

A young mother-to-be is murdered in the sleepy town of Cottonwood, California. Investigators have the triggerman in custody, but the story he's telling is too wild to believe. Could an international team of covert assassins be behind the killing? Or is it a simple case of a love triangle gone out of control? Investigators must unravel a sinister web of lies and deceit to finally discover the truth.
Sep 25th

Lone Fugitive

He can survive in the desert without supplies for months on end. He can run for miles and miles without stumbling or slowing down. He can disappear without a trace at a moments notice. He is the Bandit of Ballarat, a mysterious wanderer moving across Death Valley National Park, robbing unlucky campers at gunpoint. But what is the Bandit after? And why is he spending so much time scouting two highly classified military installations? The F.B.I. is called in to get answers, but if they're looking to uncover the Bandits' secrets, they'll have to catch him first!
Sep 26th

Deadly Returns

When relatives find the body of Janette Benedetto inside her large Florida home, authorities set up a drag net for her missing husband Chris – last seen sailing off with a stranger on his fishing boat. When the search fails, authorities set out to find Benedetto’s mysterious passenger. It will take years of sorting through a twisted web of money, family and power before investigators finally discover the identity of the deadly passenger, a mean spirited in-law named Mike Koblan whose mobbed up friends forced him to do the unthinkable – spill his own family’s blood.
Sep 27th

Interview with the Devil

Looking to make his life better for his young daughter, a single father goes on a job interview with a fortune 500 firm and is never seen again. The authorities start looking into his private life and uncover some unseemly characters involved in fraudulent insurance scams, terrorism and child abduction. The international manhunt will test investigators like never before.
Oct 1st

Family Secrets

When young gay men are disappearing from an Indianapolis suburb, Private Investigator Virgil Vandagriff suspects that a serial killer is responsible. When all leads point to millionaire Herb Baumeister, investigators uncover a disturbing secret to this husband, father and embodiment of the American dream.
Oct 2nd

Devil Inside, The

When a college student vanishes from a softball park police initially assume she’s a runaway but the work of one persistent officer leads a jury to find a guilty suspect. Twelve years after the crime, police get a confession from the man behind bars; he admits to kidnapping, raping, and strangling the teen.