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The Investigators

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This documentary series unravels the complex nature of justice - how it is denied and how it is achieved. Created by a team of award-winning producers, each show presents a compelling true story about America and law enforcement.


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Nov 19th

Witching Hour, The

When a family’s youngest son is missing, the shadowy worlds of witchcraft and evil converge on the big easy. Down in the Louisiana bayous, witches still practice their ancient ceremonies. The Witching Hour explores this secretive sect and their arcane rituals, and tells a chilling tale of one man’s misfortune when he feel in with the wrong crowd. In the end, top notch police work leads to the conviction of the killers and peace of mind for the young man’s family.
Nov 20th

Taking Vegas

Sharks is a story of a young rogue MIT blackjack team who took huge sums of cash from the casinos. Applying the "hi-lo" card-counting techniques popularized in the early 1960s by Dr. Edward O. Thorp, the secretive, cult-like MIT blackjack team made more than $3 million in a few years – all through legal methods - before the casinos caught on. The MIT bunch lived out a fantasy, concocting aliases, wearing elaborate disguises at blackjack tables and partying with celebrities. The story path is filled with tantalizing questions. How and when will they get caught? Did one of the card sharks betray the team? We’ll follow an investigation of this band of geniuses into the casino world and get some clues as to how they succeeded and eventually failed.
Nov 21st

Badge of Dishonor

On August 25, 1992, young police officer Kent McGowen went to the home of Susan White to serve a warrant for her arrest. Minutes later, White, a 40-year-old, attractive, wealthy suburbanite with a teenage son, was dead. McGowen claimed he shot in self-defense, and that White and her son were dangerous criminals involved in gun running and drug dealing. But as investigators looked into the shooting, it became clear that something wasn’t right. Slowly the police code of silence broke down as McGowen’s fellow officers came forward one by one to tell investigators what they knew about this “rogue cop” and the events of that night.
Nov 22nd

Prison Squad

This episode of The Elite goes inside Pelican Bay, considered one of this country’s most dangerous maximum-security prisons. Our cameras go inside to follow Pelican Bay’s elite security unit, prison police who must come face to face with the most violent criminals in one of the toughest environments imaginable.
Nov 26th

Killers Wife, The

A 4 year is killed in an accidental gun death that turns into a wild escape by a maniac who lead police on a violent car chase and shootout that leaves 3 beloved police officers dead. He takes a hostage and the standoff with police is broadcast live over a local radio station. After a tearful confession, he commits suicide. Three weeks later the police charge his girlfriend and the mother of the slain child as an accessory to the murder claiming that she could have prevented the policemen’s death. She says she is innocent and a victim of abuse herself.
Nov 27th

Wrong Man? Henry Chichester, The

On January 8, 1989, the body of a 30-year old woman was found on the floor of her West Babylon cottage. Nine days later, her neighbor, Henry “Fred” Chichester III, was charged with her murder. A series of coincidences and circumstantial evidence immediately linked Chichester to the crime and ultimately convicted him. But according to the Defense, sloppy detective work and the police’s lack of investigation of other suspects led to Chichester’s conviction. He is now serving 25 years to life for the murder of Maryann Meola -- a murder he says he did not commit
Nov 28th

Scoutmasters Secret

They believed and practiced the boy scout oath...and carried out their promise to obey without question. These were the boys of troop 103. But when one eagle scout, Heath Stocks, brutally murdered his parents and sister, dirty secrets began to unravel that would be as horrific as the murders themselves. What emerged was a secret world of sex, lies and deception, and the leader of it all, was scout master Jack Walls, Lonokes man of the year. When one young boy blew the whistle on him no one could believe it and so, an investigation was swept under the rug. It took years for the truth to come out... that Walls had been sexually molesting his scouts for years. Walls reeled them into his world, convincing them that he was the only person they could love and trust, and ultimately turning them against their families. Heath Stocks was one of those fact Heath was his favorite. It took the murder of Heath's family for the real story to come out. Today Walls is serving a life sentence plus 40 years without parole. Heath Stocks is serving three life sentences without parole.
Nov 29th

Lovers Leap

A wealthy Virginia couple's murder sparks a remarkable investigation in this true crime tale of love and betrayal. Elizabeth Haysom and her German boyfriend Jens Soering flee the United States just as detectives realize they are responsible for the murders. After giving up hope, their pursuers finally get a break and bring the two to justice.
Dec 3rd

Wrong Man? Marty Tankleff, The

Marty Tankleff is serving a life sentence for murder. In 1988 he was arrested and charged with killing his parents in their Long Island, NY home. Court TV’s Jerry Palace investigates the case and raises doubts about the conviction. Palace visits Marty in prison and learns that he was tricked into confessing to the crimes. But Marty’s half sister thinks he did it, as does the homicide detective that got Marty to confess. Jerry also meets with Marty’s father’s lawyer who tells him that Marty could never have committed this crime. Is Marty Tankleff the Wrong Man? This episode of the System searches for the truth – and many of the answers will surprise you!
Dec 4th

Decoy Squad

Everyday, men and women police officers go undercover to make our cities safer. They pose as drug dealers, muggers, tourists and wealthy businessmen to capture scheming criminals. This episode of The Investigators goes undercover and behind the scenes with decoy cops to see how they prepare both physically and mentally for their undercover roles and learn how their special brand of teamwork makes their unit unlike any in law enforcement.