Upcoming episodes

Jan 29th

Frenemies & The Reject

An ugly duckling is transformed into a swan by two of the most popular girls in high school. But when a violent ex-con becomes jealous, their relationship sparks a massacre that sends chills through an entire town. Blessed with a superior I.Q, but cursed with a violent, alcoholic mother who humiliates him, young Guy begins to show early signs of being a budding psychopath. Will he contain his anger, or will it be unleashed on the people that raised him?
Jan 29th

For Sandy & Poison Pal

In a conservative town, two young girls fall madly in love. They are bullied by classmates, and shunned by outsiders but when their own family forbids the relationship they conspire to commit a vengeful, horrific murder. The friendship of two teens is tested when they both fall in love with the same girl. But when this love triangle hits a breaking point, all three lives will be changed forever.
Feb 3rd

Peeping Theodore & The Six

In 1961, an eight-year-old girl goes missing. A local boy becomes the prime suspect, but is never charged. When the case goes cold for over a decade, the secret to what happened comes in the form of a cryptic confession from death row. A gang of lost teenagers obsessed with vampirism, devil worship, and drugs are determined to escape their dead-end town. But their faith is tested by a family spreading the good news and a senseless act that would shock an entire town.
Feb 4th

I'm So Lonesome I Could Kill & The Bicycle Thief

A young boy is abandoned by his own parents, and when his loneliness becomes unbearable, his innocent urges become dark and lead to life of violence too horrific to comprehend. And, a mother finds a disturbing message on social media that turns the search for a missing girl into a murder investigation.
Feb 5th

Two Strikes & Hail Mary

A group of misfit teens in New Jersey form their own mini mafia inspired by The Godfather. But when internal betrayal leads to a revenge plot against one of their own, life for this bunch of pretend wise guys quickly takes a deadly turn. The pressures of youth sports can lead to unfathomable results. When an otherwise good kid is bullied and decides to fight back, the encounter leads to an unbelievable conclusion that no one could have predicted. But who is to blame when the pressures on field explode off of the field?
Feb 6th

Deadly Compulsion

Behind the shattered window of her bungalow, Brenda Ann Spencer is smiling. For once, Monday morning is turning out to be bearable: across the street, the bell rings at the Cleveland Elementary School... and she has a gun. At the crack of dawn, during a weekend in May 2007, experts are called to Peach Lane to investigate a bloody crime scene. The peaceful reputation of Manheim Township is about to take a lethal blow and the murderer is the least suspected.
Feb 7th

Stand Out & It Runs In The Family

On Christmas Night, in rural Bigfork, Montana, a local business owner is found brutally gunned down. Police connect the murder to a string of recent local burglaries, attempting to catch the killer before he strikes again, only to find that the true mastermind behind this heinous crime is a hometown hero. While police investigate the murder of a single father, his two teen boys become the prime suspects. As they dig deeper into the horrific crime, a shocking connection to another local murder is revealed.
Feb 10th

Knight In Shining Armor & Are You Trying To Seduce Me?

On Halloween morning in the small town of Hagerstown, Maryland, the body of a father is discovered in a pool of blood. Police attention turns to the victim's daughter, her Goth friends, and a tragic misunderstanding that destroys three lives. A 31-year-old wife and mother openly engages in an affair with a teenage lover. When her husband is found shot dead in the doorway of their home, police must sort through a tangled web of lies and manipulation to get to the truth.
Feb 11th

Crazy Love & Double Vision

In 1995, a teenage couple is on their way toward bright careers in the military. But their dreams of a future together end when an infidelity leads the lovers down a twisted path. In 2010, Nikki, mother of identical twin daughters, is found brutally murdered in her Conyers, GA home. DNA evidence provides a shocking conclusion to the police search and one more mystery to unravel.
Feb 12th

Assassin & The Matrix Kid

In the tiny Chicago suburb of Winnetka, a young married couple is found murdered execution-style inside of their new home. Police pursue a trail that focuses on drugs and a professional hit, but ultimately a tip leads them back to the victims' own neighborhood. In Oakton, Virginia, a teenage boy descends into a state of mental confusion, as his obsession with a violent movie character and violent video games slowly causes his world to become an unfathomable blend of reality and fiction. As his world unravels, he purchases a shotgun with the intent of causing hurt to others.