New Detectives

New Detectives

About the show

World-renowned forensics experts and criminal investigators solve murders and other crimes. New Detectives tells the stories of men and women using science to bring killers to justice - and comfort to their victims' families. The show features the rapidly growing evolution of forensic science as a method to solve the most puzzling crimes. 


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Sep 16th


For homicide investigators, it's a race against time as they track their deadliest foe: A serial killer for whom killing is the only way to feel alive.
Sep 16th

Deadly Aim

Ballistic analysis is the key to finding killers who turn guns on their victims. Each shot fired leaves its own "fingerprint", allowing scientists to target murderers with deadly aim.
Sep 16th

Stolen Identity

When a theft is committed, something valuable is stolen. But when a criminal needs a new identity, theft becomes a matter of life and death.
Sep 16th

Silent Witness

Three hairs… microscopic fibers… a common trash bag ripped from a roll. Seemingly small and insignificant clues become a victim's silent witness.
Sep 18th

Patterns of Guilt

The tread of a tire, a single shoe print and even the shape of a bruise help investigators track down killers, based solely on their patterns of guilt.
Sep 18th

A Deadly Smile

Investigators rely on forensic odontology to identify a body from a single tooth and to catch two brutal killers from their bite marks.
Sep 18th

Military Justice

The naval criminal investigative service uses forensic science to solve three perplexing murders and fulfill their motto: "To the living we owe respect; to the dead, we owe the truth".
Sep 18th

The Unforgotten

Years after a murder has been committed, investigators use advanced dna analysis to shed new light on crimes that have gone unpunished for far too long.
Sep 22nd

Buried Secrets

The forces of nature can reduce a body to bones in a matter of weeks. Using a unique combination of art and science, forensic anthropologists give victims a face long after they have been forgotten.
Sep 22nd

Tainted Blood

Forensic scientists find clues written in blood as they investigate the deaths of three women killed by the men who once loved them.