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Jan 30th

Megan Haines

Megan Haines was watching a TV Crime documentary with her partner when she boasted: ÔIt is easy to kill someone. Inject them with insulin.Õ Megan already had the very people in mind who she would kill. She was left irritated by the needs and wishes of the elderly patients she cared for. She nursed these patients at St Andrews Village Nursing Home, in an idyllic setting in Northern New South Wales, where she also nursed a lethal grudge.
Jan 30th

Garry Davis

The nursing home team leader told his Facebook friends that ÔI hate old peopleÕ and days before two patients in his care were found dead in their beds, he predicted they would die.
Feb 3rd

Jeanine Hannah

Jeannie M Miata aka Jeanine Hannah is serving life in a prison from where she is exclusively interviewed for our new series.
Feb 10th

Roger Dean

Nurse Roger Dean said he loved the residents at the care home where he worked just outside Sydney, AustraliaÉbut loved the drugs he was addicted to more. Unfortunately, he strongly suspected that he had been caught on camera stealing them.
Feb 17th

Donald Harvey

Donald Harvey escaped justice for 20 years as he murdered his patients in any way he could. In an exclusive interview, the man who brought him to justice details just how evil Nurse Harvey was.