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Jul 20th

Niels H

Privacy rules mean that in Germany he is known as Niels ÔHÕ. The camera shy Nurse Niels has much to hideÉNiels H is still to reveal the extent of his homicidal behaviour whilst working in two hospitals in the North of GermanyÉ He admits he has killed, but how many times? And why? Germany is trying to answer those questions. Exhuming bodies from graveyards, trying to put victimsÕ relatives out of the misery of the mystery of not knowing
Jul 27th

Colin Norris

Colin Norris was, by some accounts, an excellent Nurse. So, when inexplicable deaths on the ward at the hospitals where he worked were happening, he was not suspected. Colin Norris, is either a skilled manipulator to a psychopathic degree, or the prosecution evidence should be re-examined as this may be a significant miscarriage of justice. Colin Norris has been found guilty of murder. He was convicted in 2008, Colin Norris has always denied being a killer. The case of Colin Norris has caused controversy...convicted, he appealed - the appeal was rejected. ItÕs a complicated case. When dealing with people who are allowed to inject us with chemicals, give us tablets - use drugs to help us relax, a case against a Nurse can be problematical.
Aug 3rd

Victorino Chua

In May 2015, Nurse Victorino Chua was tried for Murder at Manchester Crown Court. The jury would hear that, whilst Chua was working at Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport, 21 patients had inexplicably suffered hypoglycemia attacks Ð in lay terms, life-threatening low blood sugar levels. Two had died. Investigators concluded that the attacks had been caused by a criminal act. Someone on the wards was trying to kill the patients.