Upcoming episodes

Apr 1st

Devil Disguised

Trace of Evil: Devil Disguised is the story of a truly virtuous young victim and how a relentless police and forensics investigation ensured her killer, a true devil on earth, would never escape justice againÉ.
Apr 2nd

The Shoe Fetish Killer

Trace of Evil – The Shoe Fetish Killer is the compelling and tragic story of a random attack by a perverted killer, his barbaric murder of a defenceless woman, and how smart police work and a detailed forensic investigation ultimately led to the person responsible.
Apr 3rd

The Erie Couty Killer

Trace of Evil: The Erie County Killer is the story of the investigation into Joan Giambra’s murder, how it became linked to a string of other murders and how the miracle of DNA technology and the persistence of a committed detective solved the crime and a miscarriage of justice.
Apr 5th

The Murder of Beverly Ann Dyke

Trace of Evil: The Murder of Beverley Ann Dyke is the story of how police investigated a brutal and senseless murder, how false claims of guilt nearly derailed the investigation and how the victim’s family never gave up trying to find the truth and uncover the killer.
Apr 6th

The Veiled Killer

Trace of Evil – The Veiled Killer follows the inquiry into the death of David Castor and how an extensive police investigation, fuelled with the power of forensics, uncovered another victim and brought the perpetrator to justice
Apr 7th

The Whelan Family Murders

Trace of Evil - The Murders of Sharon, Zarah and Nadia Whelan is the story of how Sharon Whelan was attacked and killed in her home on Christmas Eve, how the killer made the cold and calculated decision to also end her two daughters lives and how a multi-discipline forensics investigation uncovered his horrific actions and brought him to justice.
Apr 8th

The Murder of Imette St. Guillen

Trace of Evil: The Murder of Imette St Guillen explores the hours and events leading up to her horrific death, the large-scale police investigation that identified her killer and how the powerful strands of forensics were able to link him to other victims.
Apr 9th

Murder in The Mountains

Trace of Evil: Murder in the Mountains is the story of the brutal and tragic death of Phyllis Murphy, how her family and the community never thought they’d see justice and how after almost two decades modern forensic technology eventually led police to her murderer
Apr 10th

Bare Bones

Trace of Evil: Bare Bones is the story of an everyday custody battle, how the circumstances drove a family apart and how dogged detective work and the revolutionary science of DNA forensics eventually solved a seemingly unsolvable crime.
Apr 12th

The Sick Ripper

Trace of Evil: Sick Ripper is the tragic story of Nilsa Arizmendi, how police tracked down her murderer and how a chance happening and detailed forensics investigation uncovered Connecticut’s most prolific serial killer.