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Oct 13th

Day of Reckoning

When Gary Plauche, a beloved father and little league coach discovers a dark, sinister secret, the devoted family man is driven to commit a brazen cold-blooded murder.
Oct 13th

Forever Mine

Prominent businessman and rising political star Agustin Garcia shocks the community after he murders his ex-girlfriend, Gladys Ricart, on the day of her wedding to another man. Is AgustinÕs horrific act a crime of passion or was it pre-meditated?
Oct 13th

Driven to Perfection

Houston power-couple, Clara and David Harris seem to have it all. But when David strays with his secretary, his betrayal drives the once polished perfectionist to psychosis.Ê
Oct 13th


Bernie Grucza is living the American Dream, but when his wife falls ill, medical debt threatens to destroy their lavish lifestyle. Could an obsession with success push Bernie to murder or was it an act of self-defense?