Body of Evidence From the Case Files of Dayle Hinman

Body of Evidence

About the show

This riveting series gets inside the mind, life and career of one of the country's leading forensic profilers. In each episode, Dayle Hinman guides you through some of her most puzzling cases and explains how they were solved. These baffling mysteries often have no eyewitnesses, little evidence and no apparent motive. 


Upcoming episodes

Feb 8th


The Bradford County Abduction: When a young boy goes missing, investigators race against the clock to track him down. For weeks, law enforcement agents search high and low, but find no sign of the boy or his abductor. A break comes when investigators find the boy’s book bag on the side of a road. They bring in Special Agent Dayle Hinman to analyze the scene. Her profiling skills tell her that the scene has been staged and that the boy may still be alive. But the question remains, can detectives find him before its too late?
Feb 8th

Ronnie Ray Brown

Ronnie Ray Brown Case: Special Agent Dayle Hinman tracks an attacker with a rare genetic condition that makes the physical evidence left behind at the crime scene baffling to investigators.
Feb 8th

Mystery On Highway 98

Mystery on Highway 98: The mysterious disappearance of a young woman goes unsolved for years. Then, a suspect emerges – a man serving time for a similar crime in another county. Special Agent Dayle Hinman is convinced that he is involved in the disappearance, but can she prove it with only a modicum of evidence?
Feb 8th

Halloween Mystery, A

A Halloween Mystery (Robinson): When an affluent womanizer is attacked in his home, police investigate what appears to be a professional hit. But after studying the crime scene, Special Agent Dayle Hinman thinks otherwise.
Feb 8th


Vero Beach/Okeechobee Murders: In Central Florida, police are puzzled by six murders committed over a span of four days. Special Agent Dayle Hinman must determine if the attacks are related. She finds the answer in the details of the crimes.
Feb 8th

A Bad Seed

Joyce Czuba Case: When an elderly woman is found murdered in her own home, common sense points towards the victim’s son, who seems suspicious from the start. The son makes bizarre statements to investigators and has no alibi. Special Agent Dayle Hinman is brought in to profile the scene. And after reviewing the evidence, Hinman is convinced that the son is not the killer. But who is?
Feb 8th

Parker Booth

Parker Booth: Special Agent Dayle Hinman is troubled by a curious crime scene. Could one of the two victims have been scared to death? The answer lies in the details of the crime.
Feb 8th

Mystery In the Orlando Woods

Mystery in the Orlando Woods (Cox): In search for a killer, Dayle Hinman uses her profiling skills to link five separate crime scenes. Then, using eyewitness accounts, Hinman helps orchestrate a media campaign to catch the assailant. But can investigators find him before he strikes again?
Feb 8th


The Miller Case: When several women are attacked in Palm Beach, FL, investigators focus in on a local playboy. But detectives are stumped when they are unable to link him to any of the crimes. Special Agent Dayle Hinman discovers that the clues to solving the case lie in the main suspect’s past.
Feb 8th

Danger Prowls At Night

The Ford Case: As a string of assaults pile up in a residential Florida community, the authorities begin to notice striking similarities to the crimes. For Special Agent Dayle Hinman, the case quickly becomes personal – for the crimes all occurred near her home town.