Body of Evidence From the Case Files of Dayle Hinman

Body of Evidence

About the show

This riveting series gets inside the mind, life and career of one of the country's leading forensic profilers. In each episode, Dayle Hinman guides you through some of her most puzzling cases and explains how they were solved. These baffling mysteries often have no eyewitnesses, little evidence and no apparent motive. 


Upcoming episodes

Apr 4th

Clues From the Grave

In the Florida Keys, women are found dead, each with the same, bizarre touch. Dayle Hinman is called in to draw up a profile – but when a Hurricane blows through south Florida it turns the case upside-down.
Apr 4th

Lethal Pose, A

Three women have been attacked in West Palm Beach, Florida, and the cases have a lot in common. Police ask Dayle Hinman to tell them more about who might have done it. Her profile narrows the search. Then, a local jailbird says he knows who the attacker is. But is he right – and will the DNA match?
Apr 4th

Dangerous Waters

When a young man is found dead in Tampa Bay, Dayle Hinman and police go on a scavenger hunt for clues. Investigators then piece together an underworld crime puzzle.
Apr 4th

Bean Park Mystery (wt)

Two women hit the beach for some relaxation. Only one returns. Investigators and Agent Dayle Hinman think that someone’s bragging may solve the mystery.
Apr 4th


A man is missing, and when police find his car, a goldmine of evidence helps Dayle Hinman develop a criminal profile. Investigators then follow a trail of forensic clues that corners a suspect.
Apr 4th

Open Door, The

A woman disappears from her home in the middle of the night. At first it looks like she stepped out to run an errand but clues suggest something more sinister. Dayle Hinman and the police race against the clock to pick up the trail of the missing woman.
Apr 4th


A woman is found dead in her car and Dayle thinks that the crime was not committed by one person but two. Dayle and investigators have to decipher multiple clues and travel across the country to get to the truth. And when they do, the results are shocking.
Apr 4th

A Chilling Discovery

A man fails to return from a fishing trip and his wife is found dead in a bait freezer. Dayle Hinman helps police dredge the murky waters of the couple's history, uncovering a treasure trove of lies, betrayal, and family secrets.
Apr 4th

Year Later, A

A series of assaults leaves police stumped. Agent Hinman thinks this attacker is selecting his victims on his way to work. And when the assailant re-visits his first victim, police get a clue to his identity.
Apr 4th


A popular young woman is found dead, and police suspect a friend of hers may be responsible. But Agent Hinman suggests that in the days before her death the victim was being watched by man obsessed.