Body of Evidence From the Case Files of Dayle Hinman

Body of Evidence

About the show

This riveting series gets inside the mind, life and career of one of the country's leading forensic profilers. In each episode, Dayle Hinman guides you through some of her most puzzling cases and explains how they were solved. These baffling mysteries often have no eyewitnesses, little evidence and no apparent motive. 


Upcoming episodes

Oct 12th

Final Confessions

David Nemeth and Jayna James announce their engagement to friends and family and soon after, Nemeth disappeared after leaving work. James tells investigators that they broke up and Nemeth left for Virginia to see her parents. Police and Criminal Profiler Dayle Hinman investigation all avenues from suicide to abduction and the re-appearance of Nemeth’s sports collection bring new life to the case.
Oct 12th

Blood Lust

A woman was picked up while hitchhiking, attacked and held captive by the man who continuously drained and drank her blood. The story is so bizarre, police wonder if it can be believed. Criminal Profiler Dayle Hinman and her team were able to unearth traumatic memory and find the gruesome killer responsible for this and dozens of other similar attacks.
Oct 12th

A Trip in the Dark

Upon finding three women found strangled to death on three separate occasions, investigators called Criminal Profiler Dayle Hinman to the case. Dayle determined that the killer is a local sexual predator and an accidental killer. Forensic scientists and a meticulously staged interrogation led investigators to the ‘break’ in the case.
Oct 12th

Deadly Delivery

A pizza delivery man is shot dead in West Palm Beach. Police wonder if it’s a targeted robbery, but the crime scene clues point criminal profiler Dayle Hinman in a different direction.
Oct 12th

Murdering Hearts

When Isabelle Pedroza, a mother goes missing, Criminal Profiler Dayle Hinman is convinced that she was murdered. A few days later, police find Pedroza’s body dumped along the highway. After chasing many false leads, Dayle takes another look at the people closest to the case and finds the truth - Pedroza was murdered in the name of love.
Oct 12th

Casualty of War

Newlyweds Keith and Anita Yunk are viciously attacked while they’re sleeping in their home. Anita Yunk survives the attack, but Keith is not so lucky. Police wonder if this was a robbery gone wrong, but when criminal profiler Dayle Hinman looks over the case, she knows that this crime was premeditated. But who was the intended victim: Keith, Anita….or both?
Oct 12th

A Walk in the Woods

Leslie Wayne Harper is reported missing by his wife. Police find that both Harper and his wife were under investigation for embezzlement. The investigation was brought to a stand-still when a farmer found Harper’s body. The body was near a wooded area, naked, his clothes spread in a crescent shape around his body, and a gunshot wound to the head. The initial suspicion of suicide was ruled out by police when Harper’s daughter pointed her finger at her step-mother as the killer. The suicide of Harper’s daughter, a gun and Criminal Profiler Dayle Hinman help police reconstruct the scene and determine who was responsible for the deaths of Harper and his daughter.
Oct 12th

The Dead of Night (ROBERTS)

An elderly woman is found dead in her home in Melbourne, Florida, and the killer has left few clues behind. When another elderly woman is killed in nearby Cocoa Beach, investigators have to wonder if there’s a serial killer on the loose.
Oct 12th

Waitress, The

A favorite local waitress, Laura McNaughton, is found murdered outside the small town of Clovis, New Mexico. Her body had been cleaned and carefully posed in some brush near the hunting grounds. Criminal Profiler Dayle Hinman is called to help solve what appears to be a ritualistic murder. Even with multiple leads, police are led to an unlikely suspect who worshipped Laura.
Oct 12th

Deadly Habit

A firefighter finds the body of Renee Baker -- naked, face down with her clothes folded neatly nearby. Baker was last seen fighting with her boyfriend in a grocery store parking lot but DNA evidence clears her boyfriend. With the help of Dayle Hinman, will the investigators be able to find a possible serial predator?