Crime Stories

Crime Stories

About the show

This investigative series takes the viewers behind the scenes with those who record crime investigations up close - on film, on paper, and on tape. Along with police officers, the family and friends of the victims, defense lawyers and prosecutors share their recollections of the crimes and their consequences.  These first-hand accounts, coupled with dramatic re-enactments, news footage, clippings and photographs paint a comprehensive picture of the grim truth. 


Upcoming episodes

Feb 28th

The Roaming Rapist

For three weeks in May of 1994, a brutal killer had a nation on edge. A bloody spree of rapes, kidnappings, and murders resulted in the deaths of six Oklahoma residents, including a local radio personality and an elderly widower. Gary Alan Walker, an emotionally disturbed ex-convict, was eventually captured and executed for these crimes.
Mar 2nd

The Elderly Executioners

Multiple murders in rural communities are always a shocking occurrence, but never more so than in Livingston County, Missouri in the late 1980Õs. Ray and Faye Copeland, an elderly farmer and his wife, would become AmericaÕs oldest couple on death row when a simple livestock scam escalated into murder.
Mar 3rd

The Homicidal Handyman

In Sacramento in the mid 1980Õs, a ruthless killer was making his way through the fringe community of Oak Park. Behind him, he left a trail of victims, stuffed in closets, hidden under debris and even buried alive. Handyman Morris Solomon was eventually captured and sentenced to death for these crimes.
Mar 4th

The Boardinghouse Killer

Dorothea Puente spent much of the 1980Õs providing shelter for the elderly and infirm in her Sacramento boardinghouse. It wasnÕt until the first body was found in her backyard that authorities realized Dorothea was not the sweet old woman she first appeared to be.
Mar 5th

The Human Hunter

Like many Alaskans, bakery owner Robert C. Hansen was known for his hunting abilities. In the early 1980Õs, however, his taste for hunting took a sinister turn. A growing list of missing persons and the discovery of two dead bodies led the police to begin the search for a killer who raped his victims before turning them loose and hunting them down like animals
Mar 6th

The Railcar Killer

One of the most intensive manhunts in the history of Texas took place over the summer of 1999 when brutal serial killer Angel Resendez Ramirez was on the loose. Riding the rails eastward and driving the vehicles of his victims back west, Resendez terrorized railroad communities all across America before finally surrendering to police.
Mar 9th

Girls Just Wanna Be Found

Cindy Zarzycki is 13 years old when she goes missing on her way to a Detroit ice cream store. Considered a runaway, Cindy remains just another missing child on a milk carton until Detective Derek ÒMacÓ McLaughlin receives her file nine years later. Teaming up with Jen Liebow, a fresh-faced intern, Mac revisits every single clue to identify Arthur Ream, father of CindyÕs boyfriend Scott, as his prime suspect. With dogged determination and superb investigative skills, Mac and Jen discover new and conclusive evidence Ð enough to convict the killer. Arthur Ream is sentenced to life in prison twenty-two years after CindyÕs disappearance.
Mar 10th

The Long Stemmed Killer

Just hours before her divorce hearing, Atlanta socialite Lita McClinton opens her front door for a flower delivery. The deliveryman, a small time hood named Tony Harwood, hands her a box of roses and then shoots her dead. Detective Welcome Harris - and most of AtlantaÕs elite - suspect LitaÕs estranged husband, millionaire Jim Sullivan, of orchestrating the murder. After a 19 year investigation, one guilty hit-manÕs confession and an international manhunt, Sullivan is finally found guilty of her contract killing.
Mar 11th

The Russians are Killing

ItÕs just another meeting for Los Angeles real estate developer Meyer Muscatel. Unfortunately Muscatel meets with Iouri Mikhel, a Russian immigrant with murderous intent. A week later, MuscatelÕs body is found floating in a northern California lake. Mikhel masterminds a kidnap-for-ransom scheme, and he and his crew kill and dump four more victims. With a storyline that includes a bank account in Abu Dhabi and a mysterious Moscow middleman, the case is solved by FBI agents Lour Perez and Jim Davidson and prosecuted by Assistant US Attorney Robert Dugdale. Mikhel and his co-conspirator Jurijus Kadamovas are convicted of five cold-blooded, ruthless murders and, in 2007, are sentenced to death.
Mar 12th

A Way with Murder

Nancy, David and Susan Spangler are found shot to death in their home - the brutal slaughter is deemed a murder suicide. Over the next fifteen years, two more Spangler spouses, Sharon and Donna die in similarly suspicious circumstances. After an exhaustive investigation by numerous agencies, authorities finally get a confession from psychopath Robert Spangler as he reveals his role as a serial spousal killer.