Upcoming episodes

Feb 28th

Million Dollar Murder

Confessed fraudster Andrew Kissel is found stabbed to death in the basement of his rented Greenwich, Connecticut home. And in order to find the killer detectives must unravel every detail of his last 24 hours.
Mar 2nd

Kill Shot

A Pennsylvania Sunday school teacher is executed in a sniper-style attack, and the killer seems determined to throw police off the scent. That is, until detectives unlock the killerÕs timeline and solve what was nearly the perfect murder.
Mar 3rd

Bound to Die

A young woman is found floating in a river off Merritt Island, east of Orlando, Florida. And as the circumstantial evidence piles up, the shifting story of one suspectsÕ timeline ultimately becomes the smoking gun.
Mar 4th

Bad Blood

Fifteen-year-old twin girls make a horrific after-school discovery when they come home to find their mother floating dead in the bathtub. Their compelling testimony leads the investigation, but the hair-raising truth lies hidden in the details.
Mar 5th

Girl Interrupted

When an 18-year-old Staten Island woman is murdered in her home, the media turns her secret into a front-page scandal. But a meticulously constructed timeline allows detectives to close in on their number one suspect.
Mar 6th

Secrets in Suburbia

A tight-knit Georgia community is in shock when a 41-year-old woman is bludgeoned to death in her own home. As detectives look to piece together her final hours, a story from behind bars reveals the shocking motive for murder.
Mar 9th

Deranged and Deadly

In an affluent Atlanta suburb, a five-year-old boy is stabbed 18 times when he returns home from school, and his motherÕs lifeless body is discovered in her bedroom. As police search for the killer, a neighborÕs chilling story points them towards a psychopath with a bizarre hidden agenda.
Mar 10th

The Dancers and the Devil

A double homicide in NYC soon becomes a media circus when investigators reveal the two victims led a secret life. As the list of suspects grows, itÕs a call from the victimsÕ home that may provide the only link to the killer.
Mar 11th

Deadly Currents

Searching for a dismembered New Hampshire womanÕs killer, police identify a series of potential suspects including a mysterious drifter named Razor. But the truth lies in a missing persons report, and a one-eyed teddy bear.
Mar 12th

Monster at the Gates

A Jacksonville firefighter discovers his wifeÕs lifeless body in the bedroom of their gated community home. His confession of infidelity initially makes him the prime suspect. But itÕs a stolen car caught on CCTV that ultimately leads investigators to the killer.