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Real stories about the brilliant but deceptive masterminds behind amazing deceptions and seemingly impossible capers. Shot in some of the most exotic locations around the world, Masterminds focuses on the deceivers and their ambitious plots.


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Feb 8th

Friday Night Robber

Just as tellers were getting ready for the weekend, he struck. In less than two minutes the friday night robber would enter a bank, leap over the counter, gather up cash, and then disappear. Police in pennsylvania, maryland, and delaware couldn’t identify him or figure out a way to stop him.
Feb 8th

The Jewelry Show Job

A gang of thieves top off a spree of robberies with a hit at clever and bold location - the columbus, ohio hotel that was hosting a national jeweler’s convention. The gang broke into the hotel’s safety deposit boxes and got away with $1.5 million in jewels.
Feb 8th

Dublin Job, The

The Russborough House, a sprawling mansion on the outskirts of Dublin, houses one of the world's largest and finest private art collections. Early one Spring morning, police are called to the house. Someone has stolen more than half of the collection. Police find little evidence of a break-in other than a mysterious row of stakes with white plastic bags wrapped around the top of them. It would take investigators years to figure out that the man behind the daring heist is Martin Cahill, a notorious Dublin thief who they never suspected would hit a target like Russborough.
Feb 8th

Kansas City Diamond Heist, The

It was the biggest jewel robbery in Kansas City's history. A gang wearing Halloween masks and overalls burst into the city's fanciest jewelry store and stole $2.5 million in jewels, including one diamond worth $92,000 alone. At the time, nobody would have guessed it was the brainchild of a charismatic local man who was on his way to becoming a Kansas City legend.
Feb 9th

Slot Machine Genius

In 1992, an estimated $2.5 million was stolen from slot machines up and down the Las Vegas strip, all by a single gang. The mastermind behind the gang was a harmless TV repairman who would become known as The Slot Machine Genius. He was beating the casinos at their own game by inventing a series of ingenious cheating devices. But just how long could his winning streak last?
Feb 9th

Stander Gang, The

Andre Stander became a policeman in South Africa just as Apartheid was reaching its peak. After witnessing the brutal repression of the Black majority, the 31- year-old police officer was became so disillusioned by the violence that he decided to strike back. On weekends he would don a disguise, rob a bank, then return to his own police desk with a briefcase full of cash without breaking a sweat. Stander was caught and imprisoned but came back even more powerful, with a new gang—living like royalty on the run. In this episode of Masterminds we examine the brains behind an unprecedented spree of bank robberies that made Stander an infamous antihero.
Feb 9th

Superthief, The

Jack Superthief’’ MacLean broke into an estimated 2,000 homes across America. With an IQ of 167, MacLean outwitted law enforcement, largely by exploiting their communication hardware. Wearing a black cape to conceal his police radios, he never carried weapons, stole solely from houses of the rich, and always was careful to reset any alarms he tripped alarms. Over a six year period, authorities believe he stole $133 million in jewels and cash.
Feb 9th

The Brinks Matt Robbery

In 1983, six robbers broke into the Brinks Matt depository at London's Heathrow Airport. The facility's vault was state-of-the-art and the building was fully alarmed and manned by guards around the clock. But somehow the robbers ended up with tons of gold bullion worth an estimated $45 Million. The mastermind behind this ingenious heist was Mickey McAvoy, a career criminal from South London.
Feb 9th

The Millennium Diamond

On november 7th 2000, a gang broke into london's millennium dome to steal the world’s most expensive diamond – the millennium star – 203 karats, worth $350 million. The mastermind behind this most daring raid is an underworld enforcer and suspected millionaire who wanted this to raid to be the biggest - and last - of his career. Will police officers foil his master plan?
Feb 9th

Silver Bandit, The

We've all heard of the "Silver Spoon" set. Well Blaine Nordahl earned his place in "Masterminds" by literally stealing sets of silver spoons. Nordahl was a neat freak who spent many years perfecting his system of thievery. With his specially designed ultra-quiet footwear Nordahl snuck into pantries, past alarms, trip wires, and dogs, while his victims slept in their beds.